When Tani was six years old, she was watching a preacher on television one Sunday morning with her parents.  Something the preacher said sparked debate between her parents and the man on the TV.  As she listened to them, she realized "grown ups" must not have all the answers if they are not all in agreement.  Even at six she knew she was a seeker of truth and at that moment went out into the backyard and sat under her favorite tree to think.  She decided she would go right to the source and ask God who he really was since everyone seemed to have a different idea. As she sat under the tree praying, she began to hear words in her head. Loving, comforting words promising to tell her the truth in answer to her questions as she went through life. That promise was kept.  In time she realized the voice to be angelic, a messenger of the Divine.

Over the years Tani has asked many questions of this loving messenger receiving profound answers that would always renew her faith in a higher purpose for our existance.

It was not her intention at first to use her information to help others but twenty five years ago, her Angels gently but clearly showed her the path they wished her to travel. "Your job is to help others look at a bigger picture than they have considered,"  they told her one night.  The day after receiving that message, when she opened her front door there was a piece of paper on the porch with beautiful writing.  No matter who the author, there was no doubt in her mind who the message was from:

It is a blessing to others when God sends you to them as a voice of encouragement. When they fear the future, you can bring a word of hope.  When they question the past, you can bring an assuring answer.  When they  wonder how they can face the day, you can speak a word of faith.  God will use you to help others to press on, to perservere, to remain faithful.  He will send you as a friend with words spoken from the heart, as an ambassador with a message from the King and as a fellow pilgrim in whose eyes shine the light of the celestial.

From the day this message arrived, Tani has made their words her mission.  During her life long journey into the metaphysical, she was guided to study hypnosis, past life therapy, astral travel, mind to mind healing, remote viewing, energy work and as her Angels instructed, learning the meaning of names.  In a reading she explains the meaning of your name which is the title of your life path containing information about the age of your soul and events in your past lives.

Tani has devoted the last twenty five years to helping others with the intention of fulfilling the mission in her trust; to deliver messages of healing as a fellow pilgrim, to renew faith, to be a light in the dark with words spoken from the heart


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