"I've been having angel readings with Tani for the past few years which has changed my life so much for the better.  She is a blessing!"
Sue Mitchell - Palm Springs, CA

"Tani is one of the kindest, most loving persons I've ever known.  It's clear to me why the angels have chosen her to deliver their message."
Karin Knight - Vail, CO

"Tani has connected me with my angels in unique ways.  She is one of a kind."
Violet King - Los Angeles, CA

"Tani is my Earth Angel!  I wouldn't make a move without her!"
 Sandra Walter - London, England

"The insight I have received as a result of my consultations with Tani and the angels is priceless.  I feel better just knowing she is in the world."
Tom Hilliard - Charlotte, NC

"Tani is a very compassionate and loving healer.  She is a treasure."
John Darin - Portland, OR


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